Anyone can overcome a weakness and turn it into a strength.

That’s what I want every person who hears me speak to walk away with.

Perfect for conferences, team building days, management meetings and more, I share my story and leave attendees with actionable steps they can take away and implement into their own lives.

Each presentation is designed depending on the audience and what you’re needing for the event to engage, entertain, and educate (although I’m happy to jump in with an existing presentation if you’ve got a last minute gap and need a speaker).

Potential takeaways from my presentations include:

  1. Networking basics – how to make networking easier.

  2. Forging your own path/opening your mind to new ways of doing things.

  3. Taking baby steps – setting small goals and achieving them.

  4. Having to drive change yourself – change can’t be dictated by anyone else.

  5. Being able to say no – you don’t always have to be agreeable.

  6. Making other people feel valued and appreciated.

  7. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable – open yourself to ridicule and rejection because you’ll learn from it/be okay with making mistakes.

 Why Carmel Murphy?

If you’d told me a few years ago that I’d be adding public speaking to my list of services, I would likely have laughed in your face. Much like networking, I had always had an intense fear of public speaking – but, much like networking, I knew I could overcome that fear.

A few years later, and I’ve spoken at conferences, in front of corporate management teams, and for some of the biggest corporates in New Zealand and abroad about how to turn your weaknesses into strengths.  

I’m passionate about sharing my story and helping others see that they too can overcome their fears – and live amazing lives because of it.