I clearly remember the day I was asked by a member of the Auckland Property Investors Association (APIA) to speak for an hour at an event about my experiences as a young property investor. My instinctive reaction was ‘No way, José!’ but before I knew it I had agreed to speak! In those few seconds, my life changed completely.

This baptism of fire set me off on a journey towards becoming a public speaker, and over the years I would say yes to small public speaking opportunities even if I was petrified. Then a couple of years ago I realised the next step towards growing my business was going beyond smaller speaking engagements and stepping up to become a real public speaker.

Since then I’ve spoken at national conferences, at events for some of New Zealand’s biggest corporates, and at international events. I’m still definitely a work in progress when it comes to feeling at ease on the stage or at a podium – but I’m proud of how far I’ve progressed already. Be part of my progress below!