Networking is something we do from a very young age – from the time we can talk. When we learn to say our name and say hello to our parents and friends, that’s networking (or in my definition, ‘connecting well with others’). When we first go to kindergarten or school and try to make new friends, we’re honing our elevator pitch without even realising it.

Just eight years ago, I was terrified of strangers. I would stand, shaking and sweating, unable to go into parties – and the thought of networking simply wasn’t even in my realm of possibility. Realising that I wanted to start my own business, I knew that I would have to do something about my intense fear.

From being unable to walk through the doors of the first eight networking events I tried to visit to becoming known as the ‘Networking Queen’ of New Zealand, I not only overcame my fear – I built a business out of it.

Now, I’m passionate about creating meaningful and impactful relationships – and helping others do the same. Through my one-on-one coaching, corporate support, and public speaking, I give people tools to overcome their fears, get comfortable with – and actually enjoy – meeting new people and making new contacts.

Whether you’re an individual who’s been held back by fear or an organisation wanting your people to build relationships and improve their social skills, I’d love to chat.