Nearly a decade ago, I was terrified of strangers – so networking was not something I liked to think about too often! I had spent my life trying to avoiding speaking up in class, talking to people I didn’t know, or having my photo taken. If I could avoid being the centre of attention, I would. But I knew that I wanted to start my own business – and I knew that to start my own business, I needed to be able to meet people and create my own network.

That desire to start my own business was what set me on my first mission – to overcome my fear of people and learn how to network. I would go to networking events and for the first few I couldn’t even get inside the door. I joined a BNI group, and for six months would shake, quiver, and sweat as I stood up to introduce myself. Slowly, I managed to get inside.

Eventually I managed to speak without shaking. Soon, I had used what I learned to create a business that helps other people learn how to network. It’s been an incredible journey so far (and one that I’m still on!) – below, discover how I got to where I am today.