Networking is something we do from a very young age – from the time we can talk. When we learn to say our name and say hello to our parents and friends, that’s networking (or in my definition, ‘connecting well with others’). When we first go to kindergarten or school and try to make new friends, we’re honing our elevator pitch without even realising it.

Despite how natural networking is, it terrifies so many of us. One-on-one networking coaching gives individuals the tools they need to overcome their fears, get comfortable with – and actually enjoy – meeting new people, and grow their network.

If you’re an introvert who’s always been held back by fear, have struggled to build relationships, and are ready for a change, one-on-one coaching is perfect for you.

Alternatively, you may have someone in your organisation with the technical skills to be promoted, but they lack the people skills to successfully advance. Or there’s a team member who isn’t connecting well with the rest of the team. If someone is struggling to build connections and grow their confidence in interacting with people, one-on-one networking coaching is ideal.

I’m based between Auckland and the Bay of Plenty, but am also able to travel or do coaching online if needed.

Why Carmel Murphy?

I don’t think people believe me when I say I used to be incredibly shy – I was so terrified of meeting new people that I would shake and sweat, and didn’t even have a 21 st  party for fear of having to speak.

Knowing I wanted to start a business, I set my mind to becoming a networking queen – or at least someone who could talk to new people without shaking!

Forcing myself out of my comfort zone to attend events daily, I didn’t even make it through the door of the first eight, but within a couple of months I was talking to new people and pushing myself to speak in front of groups which grew in size as my confidence increased. Since then, I’ve built a business out of helping other people do the same (hopefully with less stress!) I take my ‘been there, done that’ experience and give you the tools to overcome your fears and learn to love networking.