The Power of Giving in Business Part 2: Expressing Your Feelings


In my last blog, I looked at a couple of simple ways to give in business. Giving is a fundamental part of networking – it helps others feel good and allows them to be receptive and engaged with things that you have to say.

So, here's a question – how do your contacts, suppliers, associates, or colleagues know you value them? Often, we assume people know how much they mean to us. But until we act on it, it becomes meaningless.

Here are some practical ways that we can show people we value them.

Tell them

When we first meet someone, we can let them know that we enjoy the interaction with them simply by saying at the end of the conversation, “It was so nice to meet you”. A verbal recognition touches people and makes them feel special.

Get writing

If I had a great experience with someone, I love to send a personal handwritten note afterwards. It is so rare these days to receive something in the post that is not a bill or computer generated. Taking the time to invest in a card, a message, handwritten envelope, stamp, and the physical postage resonates with so many people. You have taken time and effort to show your appreciation and it gives them a real moment of joy.

Give a gift

Another way we can show we value people is when we have a contact become a client.  How do you thank people for their business? In my business, I like to give new clients a small value gift; in this case, a set of twelve meaningful quote cards with a wooden stand.   Some quotes offer comedic relief, others motivation and encouragement and they are always received well. When I visit the business, I see the cards displayed in a public area for everyone to enjoy and I know that they appreciate my show of appreciation.

So how can you show people that you value them? Whether through speech, the written word, or gifts, letting people know you value them makes them feel appreciated and gives them a good feeling about you and your business.