The Power of Giving in Business Part 1: The Simple Things

I’m passionate about helping people create meaningful and authentic relationships with others – that’s why I provide them with the tools to get comfortable with networking and actually enjoying meeting new people and making new contacts. A big part of that is helping them get comfortable giving.

You see, I have seen the powerful way that giving connects people in business. Most of us think that other people know how much we appreciate and value them but until we turn that into physical action often it is not recognised.

Over my next few blogs, I’m going to be looking at the power of giving in business with tips and insights into why it’s so powerful and how to apply giving to your network. First up, let’s look at a few really simple ideas that can drive your business forward while applying the key aspect of networking that often gets forgotten – giving to others. By helping others achieve what they need to achieve we often get what we need too.

Show others that you care.

We all love feeling as though we’re cared for. So how do we demonstrate to others that we care about them? It starts with a smile. When you first meet someone, just smile. It is the simplest thing to do and has a universal language. More often than not smiles are received in the best way.   

Get to know them.

Secondly, learn about someone's passion, their hobbies, and their interests – aim to make a personal connection with them rather than just a business one. But how do we go about that? In order to create a great and positive experience for someone, try to come from a place of ‘how can I help you?’ rather than ‘what is in it for me?’. I love the Maya Angelou quote, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget the way that you made them feel.”

Here’s how it works in person – think about a great customer experience you've had recently. Just two weeks ago I entered a restaurant, one of thousands in my city. The person who greeted me said, “Good evening. Thank you for dining with us this evening.” I was taken aback by this very simple but effective act. I could have chosen any restaurant to dine in and yet this person made me feel valued and appreciated for choosing their establishment. That simple act set the tone for the rest of my evening. There were a few hiccups along the way, which on any other occasion would have made me impatient and direct but because of the way I was treated when I entered, I was much more amenable to delays and mistakes.

I will never forget that experience. Since then I've shared that story with so many people and will continue to do so. It demonstrates how the smallest things can impact people’s lives. If we can create these tiny yet powerful opportunities daily in our businesses, imagine how much we can help each other succeed and flourish.

So what do you want your legacy to be after you have met new people? Hopefully you want to be remembered for all the right reasons, to create good memories, and have people want to interact with you more. If you put others first, and focus on giving, you’re bound to create a positive experience.