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Networking is all about connecting well with others – and is a great platform for showcasing who you are and what you’re about. But meeting new people and building new connections can be scary and overwhelming.

I’ve gone from being petrified of networking to building a business out of it – now I’m passionate about creating meaningful and impactful relationships and helping you do the same.





Whether for yourself or a member of your team, my one-on-one coaching gives individuals the tools they need to overcome their fears, get comfortable with – and actually enjoy – meeting new people, and grow their network.



From sharing my story and covering networking basics to actionable steps that attendees can take away and implement into their own lives, I create bespoke presentations that engage, entertain, and educate.



Business networking at its heart is just about connecting well with others. Having met thousands of business people throughout my career, I now love connecting people with others who they could work well with.



I’ve built my entire business out of overcoming my fears – which is what has given me the tools to help others do the same. Below, I share my story through the fears I’ve already overcome – and the ones I’m still working through!



Just eight years ago, I was terrified of strangers. The thought of networking simply wasn’t even in my realm of possibility. Since then, I’ve overcome my fears and built a business out of helping others learn to network as well. Discover how I went from terrified to ‘Networking Queen’ – and how you can do it too.


Public speaking

After building up a strong business in networking coaching, I knew I wanted to take my business to the next level. I also knew that to do so would require me overcoming another one of my intense fears – public speaking. I’ve started getting there, but I’m still working on it – discover how that journey’s been so far.


Radio & TV

It’s pretty rare to be comfy being filmed or recorded by media, especially when it’s live! I’m still working on overcoming my fear of live media – follow along as I take steps to get there.



I still find it hard to be filmed and to watch myself back but I’m hard at work getting beyond what’s holding me back. Come along with me on my journey to overcome my fear of videos.

I’m passionate about helping other people overcome their fears and learn to build connections.

Enquire now about how I can help you or your organisation do just that.