Networking workshops

Become a successful networker

At any business event, confidence is key to making a connection and building rapport; our personalised workshops provide you with the tools you need for networking, including:

 - Understanding body language & facial expressions
 - Starting, developing and exiting a conversation effectively

 - Personal & company brand awareness

 - The importance of follow up
 - Making the right approach

Kiwis enjoy doing business with people they know, like and trust. Networking Queen has a passion to create meaningful and authentic relationships with people, giving them the tools to build rapport & connect on a personal level before selling a product or service. 

Many think networking is boring, takes too long, don't understand it, don't see the point or are scared.  Networking Queen works alongside people to help them feel comfortable with the process and, in fact, enjoy meeting new people and making new contacts.


Workshops are available for both individuals and groups, whether small business owner or corporate employees. Available workshops include: 

- The 5 Key Steps to Networking   

- Building Brand YOU in Business 

- Networking Within the Company    

- Building a Quality Network 

- Growing Your Personal Brand

- Authenticity in Business